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26,25 EUR*
Details kh-security-Alarm-Taschenlampe-Personal-Guard-Pro-LED-100160

Diese Alarm-Taschenlampe ist Ihr sicherer Begleiter in allen Lebenslagen. Sie bietet doppelte Sicherheit durch die eingebaute, laute Alarmfunktion und eine 1 Watt Osram Hochleistungs-LED. Wenn Sie bei Dunkelheit unterwegs sind, Abends nochmal mit ...

26,99 EUR*
Details ADV-PRO-n006-b-Warning-Im-the-Security-Guard-Neon-Light-Sign-Barlicht-Neonlicht-Lichtwerbung

Mit einem Neonlight verleihen Sie ihrem Ambiente im handumdrehen ein neues Aussehen. Dreidimensionale Abbildung durch perfekten Schliff und Beleuchtung.

21,99 EUR*
Details Building-a-Team-for-Homeland-Security-and-Defense-The-Guard-and-Civilian-Agencies

While the U.S. has undergone extensive homeland security and homeland defense innovations since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, there remains a gap between the civil and military efforts to protect the nation's populous and infrastructure. Before the ...

39,39 EUR*
Details magFlags-Flagge-Large-USSR-Flag-KGB-1950-redban-Red-Banner-Naval-Flag-Flown-by-Ships-and-Boats-of-The-Border-Guard-Force-of-The-State-Security-Ministry-of-The-USSR-Red-Banner-Naval-Flag-Flown-by

Flagge: USSR, Flag KGB 1950 redban | Red Banner naval flag flown by ships and boats of the Border Guard Force of the State Security Ministry of the USSR; Red Banner naval flag flown by ships and boats of the Border Guard Force of KGB under the aegis ...

20,92 EUR*
Details Pet-London-Security-Shirt-XXL-40cm

Perfekt für den "Guard Dog" in Ihrem Leben. Lustige, leichte Baumwoll-T-Shirts mit SECURITY Logo

21,99 EUR*
Details The-National-Guard-Citizen-Soldier-The-Linkage-Between-Responsible-National-Security-Policy-and-the-Will-of-the-People

For a democratic government to act responsibly, it is imperative that there be a consistency between national policy and the will of the people. It is especially important when the policy involves the use of armed forces. In the United States, the ...

13,27 EUR*
Details Belwith-Products-1875-SN-Door-Guard-Satin-Nickel-by-BELWITH-PRODUCTS-LLC

Satin Nickel Door Guard;Provides security for door;Allows 2 opening for viewing ventilation;Easy installation;Made with the highest quality

42,97 EUR*
Details Dai-Guard-Terrestrial-defense-corpVolume02Episodi06-09-IT-Import

il 2 ufficio stampa della 21st century security corporation, azienda specializzata in servizi di tutela del cittadino e sistemi di sicurezza, e' il reparto della ditta cui anni prima tocco' in sorte l'amministrazione della piu' ingombrante, inutile e ...

13,96 EUR*
Details Finding-the-Forger-A-Bianca-Balducci-Mystery

Finding the Forger For the second time, sophomore Bianca Balducci is helping her private-eye sister solve a mystery, this one involving forgeries at the local museum. Bianca becomes involved after her friend Sarah's security-guard boyfriend is ...

11,49 EUR*
Details The-Bullets-Yaw-Reflections-on-violence-healing-and-an-unforgettable-stranger

Jeffrey Mains was in shock. During a vengeful rampage, a deranged former security guard had fired a hollow point bullet into Mains' truck. The bullet's path through steel slowed its velocity, causing it to tumble sideways when it collided with Mains ...